Cole Glasson    Since 2012, ProSoap Inc. has believed in this young man’s ability to make things happen on and off the race track. His drive, focus and maturity is rare for a 15-year-old.    “I’ve always believed in making bets early. Cole was a choice we made with confidence in 2012 because his drive, results and support from his family was above average. We made a smart move asking Cole to help us brand ProSoap in the racing scene,” said ProSoap Inc. Vice President Billy Self.    Nicknamed the “ProSoap Kid” at the tracks, Cole has a reputation for making his fans feel appreciated and loved. With over 114,000 fans on his Facebook page, Cole has developed quite the following. ProSoap Inc. feels the same way about its family of customers all over the country.    Self says, “Most of our hand cleaner customers are small-to-medium sized shops getting their hands very dirty. Almost all of them are family owned and operated. They know ProSoap is a family as well, and Cole helps broadcast that message to connect with our customers.”    









Cole Glasson Sponsor

ProSoap Inc., manufacturing ProSoap Water-Activated hand cleaner for 39 years, is proud to announce long-time sponsored race car driver Cole Glasson has committed to race in the nationwide NASCAR sanctioned Whelen All-American Series in 2016.

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